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Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
overtreated and not the wizard is seminal for us in understanding more is not better , that moore can hurt us. it was her book to explain that to eyes and therefore i sought her out to be in our film. c-span: here she is in others. >> the vast majority are paid by a fee-for-service system. that means they get paid for each office visit. if their surgeons, they get paid for each procedure. if it's a radiologist, they get paid for each ct scan they deliver. c-span: if i spent five minutes for you, you probably get paid $1500. for me to spend 45 minutes on an established visit with the patient to make sure they're doing exercise, making sure diabetes is okay and to figure out whether to problem says, probably get paid $15. it's a completely irrational system. >> fee-for-service rewards physicians for doing more. it does not reward them for doing a better job. it doesn't report them for keeping patients healthy. it rewards them for giving more care. c-span: what the doctors think of the fee-for-service? did you find out? >> guest: it is an antiquated, broken, perverse system that nobody is happy
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
's ruckelhaus who made this clear to me and a few others. i interviewed jonathan moore who was elliot richardson's chief aide. richardson and ruckelshaus implored bork to stay. now, bork had a different legal theory what the president could or could not do. but he wanted to resign. bork actually wanted to resign and go back to yale and he just was convinced his yale friend, his colleagues would never forgive him. ruckelhaus and richardson said no, if you resign nobody is running this place and they were afraid alexander haig, someone they mistrusted, would choose a new attorney general who would be a disaster for the country and they said -- they put pressure on bork to stay. bork describes it but the beauty of these oral histories, you'll see croob rating evidence from other people who don't have the same stake bork does in his own reputation. >> what are you doing now? >> i'm an independent historian. i left and i had a book about kennedy i had been meaning to write, i had a contract for it, and i needed time to write it. i went back to writing and i have a couple books i'm working on right no
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2